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Senior Calendar




  • Attend Open House (Time TBA)! Applying to college is a complicated process that requires a TEAM effort. See you there!
  • Register for October SAT and ACT tests NOW!
  • Attend College Fairs – See College Fair list and Senior Updates for details.
  • Sign up for and attend college rep. visits at high school.
  • Try to narrow college list down to final 3-8 schools.
  • Review online applications for selected schools; begin/continue essays.
  • Write down due dates for application deadlines!
  • Make sure you understand how to request college application materials in your Naviance Family Connection site.
  • Decide whom to ask for recommendations and ask them NOW!
  • Read Senior Updates all year.
  • Complete Counselor Recommendation Information packet if you need a counselor recommendation. See your counselor if you plan to apply Early Decision.
  • Review and sign Senior Graduation Notification Agreements- review information distributed during classroom meetings and share with parents. Students must sign plans!! Review transcripts (provided in class).
  • Attend college open houses in the community and college visitation days.
  • Sign up and begin VCAP courses not on senior schedule but still needed for graduation.
  • If you want to compete in athletics at a Division I or II college, talk to your coach and counselor! Register and complete all sections on the NCAA Eligibility Center website (http://web1.ncaa.org/ECWR2/NCAA_EMS/NCAA.jsp )


  • Register for November SAT and December SAT and ACT tests!
  • Make an appointment with your I Know I Can Advisor.
  • Fill out a Transcript Request (available outside Guidance Office)- turn in to your counselor for your first transcript request.
  • Review transcript and credits with your counselor if you are in doubt.
  • Follow procedure to have transcripts sent from School Counseling Office
  • Check college websites for applications and merit scholarships and their deadlines.
  • Line up teachers for recommendations- give them Teacher Recommendation Request sheets and copies of your resume
  • If applying for Early Decision or Early Action (OSU Early Action is Nov. 1!), send application now.
  • Retake OGTs if needed (week of October 27)
  • Begin filling out regular admission applications.
  • Keep working on application essays- enlist help from English teachers. Attend application/essay workshops.
  • If you are unsure of your plans, meet with your counselor to review your options after high school! Consider two-year colleges and technical programs, apprenticeships and the military.


  • Attend VCAP classes after school/ during the day to earn credit for any required courses you have failed!!!!!!
  • Complete essays and remainder of applications.
  • Send ACT/SAT scores directly from the test companies to your colleges if you have not done so already.
  • Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences with parents.
  • Attend Financial Aid Night (if offered) at school during Parent/Teacher conference night- Exact time TBA
  • Pay attention to application deadlines!!!!!
  • Request transcripts and other application materials from your counselor before Thanksgiving break!!!!
  • Complete scholarship applications. Many can be found in the Senior Update and online on your Family Connection page!


  • Keep working on your grades.
  • Meet December 1 deadlines for many university scholarships and honors programs.
  • Send applications if you have not already!
  • Return financial aid paperwork (CSS PROFILE) for selective colleges.
  • Make sure you have paid your Senior Dues!
  • Review important financial aid letters from I Know I Can (mailed to every senior family).


  • Attend senior class FAFSA meetings.
  • Attend District Financial Aid Night (TBA) if you did not attend a financial aid night at your school.
  • Complete taxes as soon as possible (needed for FAFSA) after W2 forms received.
  • Attend I Know I Can FAFSA Night Workshop at any CCS high school with parents (Dates TBA on www.iknowican.org ).
  • Complete all Financial Aid forms ASAP- better yet, submit your FAFSA online as soon as your taxes are complete (use IRS Data Retrieval tool to avoid Verification process)!
  • Apply for scholarships!!!
  • Review Senior Plans- meet with your counselor about any required courses you are currently at risk of failing.
  • Keep a copy of all merit aid and scholarships offered by all colleges. Give copies of all scholarship offers to your counselor.
  • Request your counselor send mid-year reports to colleges if necessary.


  • Meet February 1 deadlines (OSU regular deadline).
  • Contact any colleges you have not heard from.
  • Meet the February 15 FAFSA deadline for most colleges.
  • Attend Parent/Teacher conferences with parents.
  • AVOID SENIORITIS! Keep working on those grades.
  • Meet with your counselor about other options after high school, including military, Americorps, apprenticeships, etc. if you are unsure about attending a 4-year college.


  • Keep applying for scholarships!
  • Note due dates for acceptance responses and deposits due.
  • Have conferences with parents and teachers to address any second semester failing grades in required courses.
  • Retake OGTs if needed (week of March 16)
  • Keep copies of all financial aid award letters from colleges- give copies to your counselor.
  • Make sure all forms are turned in to I Know I Can for the IKIC Scholarship if you qualify.
  • Don’t forget to give copies of all scholarships offers to your counselors through May.


  • Look for a summer job. Don’t wait- jobs are hard to find!
  • Look over Financial Aid Award notices from colleges. See how much of your need your award will cover. Contact college financial aid for help understanding award. Look for additional sources of financial aid.
  • Begin final selection based on acceptances and financial aid awards.
  • Visit campuses still under consideration, if necessary.
  • Watch your deadlines!!!
  • Keep a copy of all merit aid and scholarships offered by all colleges- give to your counselor.


  • Decide on the one college you will attend.
  • Send your tuition and housing deposits.
  • Notify the other colleges that accepted you that you have selected another college.


  • Apply for necessary loans.
  • Complete the Senior Exit Survey in your Naviance Family Connection. You must request final transcripts be sent to your chosen college on your Family Connection (you indicate this on your Exit Survey). Send final transcript to NCAA Eligibility Center if needed.
  • Provide copies of all scholarship monies awarded to you. Your counselor must collect this information.
  • Graduation.
  • Congratulations!! Enjoy graduation and summer!!!


  • Make sure to schedule/attend an orientation for your college.
  • Make sure to send all AP scores to your college.
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